Sunday, December 7, 2014


Just some of the Janet Frame publications and publications including work by Janet Frame that have been published in the past year.

As you know if you are a regular reader, I have hardly been near this blog this year, but that doesn't mean I have been shirking. Plenty of work has been done on the Janet Frame front, including working toward making more titles available as ebooks where possible. This is not an easy process because we have to protect Janet Frame's print legacy as well, but we feel we have made good progress - more on that soon.

So there is not an absence of 'news and views' - there is just a blog backlog! This blog, as with so many others, has suffered neglect partly because of the advent of Facebook, which makes sharing photographs, snippets of information, news and links, so much faster and simpler, and Facebook can reach larger groups of people. With a stress on the can reach, because Facebook's algorithims can famously frustrate Facebook page admins by limiting the number of people that see any particular post, no matter how many 'likes' the page has. Another limitation with Facebook is that it's not really the place for the longer more complicated postings (such as the challenging but necessary 4,000 word essay the Frame executors posted here a few days ago in rebuttal of accusations made against them in a recent academic journal).

The Facebook page can be found at:

Facebook may not be the place for complex expositions, but compared to the fast moving, shallow and often sarcastic Twitter, Facebook is deep indeed. I tend to try to keep away from Twitter.

Above is a snapshot of some of the print books that have joined the Janet Frame shelves this year.

Missing is a book of New Zealand short stories translated into Spanish; the Trust's copy went astray and is still on its way.

Pending are (off the top of my head):
The posthumous collection of short stories in Italian translation;
In the Memorial Room (Janet Frame's 13th and last published novel) in Italian translation;
a new UK edition of Owls Do Cry;
a Slovenian short story collection;
US paperback of In the Memorial Room;
a Mexican Spanish poetry collection;
a selection of poems in Swedish translation;
a new Polish edition of Faces in the Water;
a Serbian edition of Janet Frame's An Angel at My Table (3-volume autobiography);
a Russian edition of An Angel at My Table (3-vol);
a Turkish edition of An Angel at My Table (3-vol);
a Korean edition of one of the novels - can't recall which one.

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