Friday, November 30, 2018

The Blue Fury, The Gravity Star, and An Apology.

Catherine Chidgey, Pamela Gordon, Kate Camp
Oamaru Opera House
February 2018

My most recent post here was written earlier this year, in February, about an upcoming literary weekend in Oamaru featuring novelist Catherine Chidgey and poet Kate Camp. To anyone who may have been following this blog it possibly seemed as though I had vanished after that: a very Janet Frame-like disappearance. Did the Blue Fury get me, or the Gravity Star?

Nothing that fictional or dramatic.

Plenty has been happening in Janet Frame-land, and some of that news has been reported on the Janet Frame Facebook page if you have found your way there.

There are advantages to the blog format though, even though many blog authors like myself do seem to be deserting this genre. I didn't intend to go almost the whole year without posting any updates.

Sorry about that.

The literary weekend was a great success.

Catherine Chidgey and Kate Camp are pictured at a Literary Picnic at the Janet Frame House with chair of the house trust Carol Berry and former curator Ralph Sherwood.
Oamaru Mail (Report by Sally Brooker, 23 February 2018)