Tuesday, November 29, 2022

70th Anniversary of THE LAGOON & Other Stories

2022 marks the 70th Anniversary of the publication of Janet Frame's first book THE LAGOON AND OTHER STORIES in 1952. The first edition was printed with the incorrect publication date "1951" on the imprint page and to this day that mistake is widely perpetuated. Publisher Denis Glover had accepted the manuscript five years beforehand, in early 1947, but until he left Caxton Press in November 1951 the brilliant stories languished on a corner of his desk. Since 1952 almost every story in the book has been anthologised many times and the book itself is much admired and loved around the world. Pictured: some editions and translations. Some of the best known stories (every fan has their own favourite) are: The Lagoon, Swans, My Cousins who Could Eat Cooked Turnips, The Day of the Sheep, Keel and Kool, My Last Story, The Pictures, The Birds Began to Sing, Miss Gibson and the Lumber Room, A Note on the Russian War, My Father's Best Suit... which do you like best?