Saturday, August 17, 2013

"Her work is a joy to read" ~ Otago Daily Times

The Australia/New Zealand notices for In the Memorial Room are still coming in! There's another perceptive and thoughtful review, written by Helen Speirs for the Otago Daily Times (27 July 2013):
"downright hilarious"
"brilliant, but cutting"
"Frame is shrewd as ever in her observations"
"Her work is a joy to read"
"The late Janet Frame's works are rewarding to read because they work on so many levels. On the most ''basic'' one, she simply writes a great story. Delving deeper, there is much more.    
The layers of meaning and reference, autobiographical elements, vivid and poetic language, characterisation and satire in Frame's second posthumously published novel In the Memorial Room show again why she is one of New Zealand's literary greats."

Read the review here: 'Fitting Memorial to Literary Great'


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