Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a small blogosphere

In the post called Australian Cousins I talked about the fantastic party we had in Melbourne last month for the release of the Australian edition of The Goose Bath. That book was well and truly launched!

At the launch I met so many great people, including the magnificent Angela Meyer of the excellent Australian LiteraryMinded blog. I was already a big fan of that blog (yes we're reading it here too) and it's always exciting to meet someone you've already encountered online.

Angela has reviewed The Goose Bath for her blog, and here's the link.

She also found the New Yorker story 'Gorse is Not People' online, and recommended it here.

In these days of hearing bad news about budget cuts to print media review pages, it's good to know that there are so many great literary blogs online with thoughtful and perceptive reviews being posted every day.

LiteraryMinded and dovegreyreader are two literary blogs that really stand out, and Bookman Beattie is another blog worth a visit - he's New Zealand's most influential and comprehensive book blogger.

I've decided not to have a blogroll on Slightly Framous, because this particular blog is only about things to do with my Framous aunt (yes, it's a pun, and one we used to tease Janet with).

But if any reader who strays here doesn't already know the magical wonderland that is the literary blogosphere, you'll find lots more links to good reading online, down the right side of any of those three blogs I've recommended above.

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