Friday, November 2, 2012

What's Gorse for the Goose

Two of Janet Frame's posthumous bestsellers in New Zealand,
Gorse is Not People (stories) from Penguin Books NZ (2012), and
The Goose Bath (poems) from Random House NZ (Vintage imprint) (2006),
are pictured next to each other this week on a bookstore shelf in Dunedin.
The big news right now in the publishing industry (international and local) of course, has been that of the 'merger' of the book giants Bertelsmann (home of Random House) and Pearson (home of Penguin).
Janet Frame is currently published in New Zealand both by Penguin Books and by Random House, so I have been very interested in all the commentary and also in the lighthearted attempts to rename the new merged mega publisher, and to find it a new logo, for example:

More amusing logo and name suggestions here.

My favourite of the suggested (joke) names has been 'Random Penguin' but I hear that the powers that be have opted for 'Penguin Random House'.

More discussion here and here: "New hope for indies?"


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