Friday, November 2, 2012

Janet Frame Mural in Dunedin's Octagon

A portrait of Janet Frame features in a new mural painted in a lane off Dunedin's Octagon between the Hoyts Cinema building and the Dunedin Art Gallery complex. The mural was painted as part of the recent Otago Festival of the Arts, and portrays the different cultural strands that are prominent in the Otago region, including references to Maori, Scottish, Chinese and Lebanese heritage. The mural was designed by Daniel Mills and his aim was to "weave together images of industry and culture" and to "reflect the diverse and unique fabric of Dunedin and Otago, migration and integration, camaraderie and tradition, poetry and education, gold dust and newsprint".

Dunedin mural artists Filipa Crofskey and Daniel Mead assisted with the painting of the mural.

Janet Frame was born in Dunedin in 1924 and died there in 2004.


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