Sunday, December 31, 2017

Get Ready for Go Girl

by Barbara Else

A stunning illustrated storybook for the girls of New Zealand with a powerful can-do message.

Go Girl is a collection of true stories about New Zealand women who have done extraordinary things.
They strove for their goals.
They weren’t afraid to step up or speak out.
They blazed a trail for others to follow.
This book was written to show that YOU can join them!

Just some of the amazing women whose stories you will find in this book are:

Janet Frame, Dame Whina Cooper,  Lucy Lawless, Kate Sheppard,  Margaret Mahy, Lydia Ko, Merata Mita, Lorde, Rita Angus, Te Puea Herangi
— and many more.

This is a book that should be on the beside table of every Kiwi girl, from age seven to one hundred and seven.

April 2, 2018

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