Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Red Letter Day

Dunedin Public Library is looking festive this week ahead of the Janet Frame Birthday celebration to be held on 2015 National Poetry Day on Friday August 28th.
'Many Happy Returns' brings together three highly acclaimed local and visiting poets:
along with three prizewinning secondary school poets:
Beth Lynch
Molly Crichton
Christian Tucker
and the MC is Dunedin poet Diane Brown.
What a feast.

Dunedin Public Libraries have produced a series of Poetry Day Posters with a poem each from all 6 readers, plus the MC, and also from the Birthday poet Janet Frame.

Janet Frame's poem is 'Wyndham':


(Above is the full Janet Frame poster with the red letter motif - D for Dunedin)

The Bayfield High School Librarian has set up a fantastic display of all the Poetry Day posters.
Wonderful to see young people being inspired and involved in Poetry Day celebrations.
Janet Frame would have approved.

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