Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gorse flourishing

Gorse is Not People continues to feature on the NZ bestseller lists.

Seven weeks after publication Gorse is at #2 on the Nielsen Bookscan NZ Fiction for Adults Weekly Bestsellers list.

It's a #3 on The NZ Fiction bestsellers.

It's at #13 on the Indie Top 20 of all books sold in (participating) independent NZ bookstores.

"Open this book anywhere and you will find yourself soon absorbed, enriched and agreeing:
       'Yes, that is true. That is really how it was or is, but I had not thought about life like this before.'
   That is Frame's skill and magic at work."

~ Jo Keppel, Greymouth Evening Star

"Gorse is not People is a treasure trove for Janet's many devotees".. "this is quality writing".

~ Lynn Freeman, Arts on Sunday, Radio New Zealand National

"Fairy tales for adults" ... "it is impossible not to be enchanted"

"Gorse is Not People is a valuable and welcome addition to the Frame canon, reminding us what we already know – how good she was, how much we need her."

~ Lydia Wevers, NZ Listener

Listed in "Sunday Star-Times Top NZ reads of 2012"

"sense of humour, ingenious word play and a fascinating blend of perspectives"

"hilarious"..."hugely appealing"

"this book puts you back in touch with Frame the writer, whose genius you might have taken for granted"

~ Philip Matthews, Christchurch Press

"Who else could describe geraniums as 'the dry, sturdy, dusty flowers with the red stony-velvet smell'?"

~ Australian Women's Weekly (NZ Edition)

"she shifts from dense, metaphysical contemplations, to stark social realism, or children’s fantasy — and all without any sense of her moving out of her natural register."

"soaringly, gorgeously lyrical"

"Although her writing catches these fleeting, gleaming surfaces, it always goes under them, to mine what the perception of these small things reveal about pressing social and deeply metaphysical subjects. Her writing rings with poetry, but it also has an intense awareness of social inequality, and the hypocrisies we all commit, even those who also supposedly have a capacity for empathy. History and economics thrum through the stories, even when their focus seems to be trained on domestic and psychological interiors."

"Frame doesn’t let anyone off: not even herself. It’s this utter refusal to compromise that makes her exceptional."

~ Emma Neale (Launch Speech)

"fascinating collection" ... "welcome additions to Frame's oeuvre"

~ Lawrence Jones, NZ Books


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