Thursday, August 23, 2012


Oh no! There's a typo in the new book! (At least, there is one that we have found...)

It seems to be that no matter how hard you try, and how many people read the manuscript and check the proofs, there'll always be something that lies in wait ready to leap out at the author or editor, only after the book is published...

And so it is. Call it an antidote to hubris, or a zen imperfection.

FYI the mistake that we discovered in Gorse is Not People is in the editorial notes at the back of the book - according to which, Frame published a story in 1965 and wrote it in 1966. Hmmm.

When I (sheepishly) mentioned our silly mistake to the publisher, she said cheerfully that we would be able to fix the error for any paperback edition that might follow the hardback first edition.

Today's news, that Gorse has appeared again on the NZ fiction bestseller list (it's at number 4, in its fourth week on the chart) makes it seem a little more possible that we'll be able to fix the typo for a reprint!


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