Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Towards another reprint

As if there hadn't been enough good news lately for the Frame estate, Virago Press have just issued another reprint of their paperback edition of Janet Frame's posthumously published novel Towards Another Summer.

The estate's copy of the reprinted edition just arrived in our mailbox today and the imprint page tells the story: Virago Press paperback edition published 2009, reprinted twice in 2010, twice in 2011, and again in 2012.

Virago Press first published a hardback edition of Towards Another Summer in 2008. That edition sold out and was reprinted quite quickly, so the publisher was able to include some of the glowing review comments on the back jacket of the next reprint.

Here are some UK reviews of Towards Another Summer:

'In this deeply personal novel of exile and loneliness, Janet Frame proves the master of nostalgia, beauty, and loss. Frame is, and will remain, divine'

~  Alice Sebold

'The idea of a new novel by Janet Frame is in itself a delight and TOWARDS ANOTHER SUMMER is a joy to read, with all the poise, inventiveness and clarity of her other work'

~ Maggie O'Farrell

'No literary curiosity but a deeply rewarding and beautiful novel'

~ Hilary Mantel, GUARDIAN

'Maybe Frame took pleasure in the thought of a novel appearing after her death, one that touched so closely on her essential nature, and reminded the world of her remarkable artistry'


'As true and as piercing as anything I have read in a very long time'

~ Rachel Cooke, OBSERVER

'A wonderful social comedy... She carries an entire universe inside herself. She presents herself as shy and sensitive but she wants to be the writer with the clip of ice in her heart, which gives her a wonderful vantage point.'

~ Michele Roberts speaking on BBC Radio 3 'Night Waves'

'This is definitely a book that enhances the Frame collection... Frame has an ability to evoke life as it is lived, a powerful way of describing interiority... I was startled by how rarely you read about home sickness in such an eloquent way.'

~ Emily Perkins speaking on BBC Radio 4 'Front Row'

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