Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The journey through the human heart

"Entering the human heart? In the magnificent stories of Janet Frame, we are never out of it."

~ Murray Bramwell, NZ Books Spring 2009

Janet Frame first published her short story 'You are now entering the human heart' in The New Yorker on 29 March 1969 (cover pictured above).

The story was not collected by Frame until 1983 when it became the title story of a volume that she released  first in New Zealand.  (Victoria University Press: Wellington, hardback and paperback, 1983; paperback 1984, 1992, 2005)

Cover image and design by Joanna Margaret Paul.

VUP NZ paperback reprint 1992

Women's Press UK/Commonwealth hardback edition 1984, paperback edition 1984
reprinted 1984, 1988, 1991, 1992, 1994,
(further reprints still to be verified)

French translation (1997)

Dutch translation of the updated volume of Frame's published stories (De Geus 2012)

The English language book title You are now entering the human heart is no longer on the market, having been superseded by a more comprehensive collection of the stories Frame published in her lifetime. The new volume contains all the short stories that were in Human Heart, plus many more.

(The novella Snowman Snowman has been held back for separate publication in the future.)

The updated collection of Janet Frame's published short stories is called Prizes in New Zealand and the USA, and is also known as The Daylight & the Dust in Australia and UK/Canada/Commonwealth.

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