Saturday, August 18, 2012

NZ Listener: 'enchanted' by Frame's stories

The first print review is in. And it's a good one:

"Frame's storytelling explodes off the page with the felt intensity that characterises her as a writer."

"It is impossible not to be enchanted by stories like 'Between My Father and the King' and 'The Plum Tree and the Hammock'."

"Is there anyone after Frame who gets into the minds and hearts of children as she does?"

"These stories are sharp, freshly colloquial, funny and poignant."

"Gorse is Not People is a valuable and welcome addition to the Frame canon, reminding us what we already know - how good she was, and how much we need her."

Lydia Wevers, review of Gorse is Not People (Penguin NZ August 2012) in the NZ Listener, 25 August 2012 issue (on sale 21 August).

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