Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spreading the word

The publicity for Janet Frame In Her Own Words has begun.

Graham Beattie of Beattie's Book Blog kicked off the day by posting the very first preview of the new book on his blog: he was given permission by the publisher to print the short but provocative preface to the book, and also to feature a (hopefully) tantalising excerpt from the collection, in the form of a letter Janet Frame wrote to the editor of the Wanganui Chronicle, protesting against the 1981 Springbok Rugby Tour. The letter includes a poem which finishes with the lines:

So please don't give to me responsibility
give me only the rugby score.

Also today, I spoke to Kathryn Ryan of Radio New Zealand National's Nine to Noon programme. She is an intelligent and thoughtful interviewer and she did a wonderful job I felt (and I tried to do my duty, which is to spread the word about this beautiful book).

The interview was broadcast at 11.30 am on Thursday the 27th October 2011.
Here is the online archive:

Publication date for the book is next Monday the 31st of October.

(Halloween! Trick or Treat!)


Copies should be available in shops in early November.

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