Monday, April 18, 2011

True or False? #1

Introducing a new series. True or False:

"John Money was Professor of Medical Psychology at John Hopkins University. When he retired he donated his huge book collection to institutions throughout the world & his art collection to the Eastern Southland Gallery in Gore. Michael King met John Money whilst he was researching the life of Janet Frame who lived in the basement of John Moneys Baltimore house for over 30 years."

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Pamela Gordon said...



Janet Frame did not live in the basement of John Money's house for over 30 years.

For over thirty years, she did frequently visit John Money while she was in the USA, and she stayed in his house, sometimes in a basement bedroom, sometimes in an upstairs bedroom. Her last visit to Baltimore was in October 2000. John Money also regularly stayed with Janet Frame while he was visiting New Zealand. He stayed with her at her home in Dunedin just weeks before she died in January 2004.