Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who Reads This Blog?

I was curious so I had a look. The stats software package Site Meter is installed here, but I rarely bother to check the figures and details.

It seems that most of the readers of this blog are located in the UK, Europe and the USA, and there are quite a few from Canada, some from Mexico and dotted around South America. There are also regular hits from Malaysia, Japan, Australia. Not much more than 5% of the hits seem to be from Janet Frame's own home country of New Zealand. (Of course some people cover their tracks and are from "unknown" places - maybe the Kiwis are the shy ones; it's known to be a national trait. But NZ has a very small population in world terms.)

Some recent country names include Oman, Estonia, Spain, Ireland, Hungary, France. There are quite a few hits from Sweden (as there's been a recent publication there attracting lots of positive attention). There's a cherry pick of US cities and States: Indiana, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Washington, Colorado, San Diego, Massachussetts. Etc. And Sussex, London, Birmingham, are frequent visitors. Etc.

Of course not all the readers registered by the site stats software intended to find this blog. Google can take you to some strange far flung places. For instance, recently a hopeful soul Googled "Janet and Michael" and found my post about Janet Frame and her biographer Michael King. The net surfer had apparently been searching for news of Janet and Michael Jackson...

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