Friday, January 29, 2010

NZ ONSCREEN Janet Frame Collection

NZ ONSCREEN has prepared a comprehensive memorial tribute to Janet Frame that went live on their web site today, timed to commemorate the sixth anniversary of Janet Frame's death.

Among the rare resources on offer, you can view the entire Vincent Ward film adaptation of Janet Frame's novel A State of Siege. This particular item will only be available for a short time so I recommend you make the most of it! Vincent Ward's prizewinning short film (50 minutes) is a brilliant interpretation of the original story, a work of art in itself.

There are also two interviews with Janet Frame herself, one when she was about 50 years old, and in the other briefer one she was aged in her late 70s.

And there's an intelligent and upbeat essay by Roger Horrocks on the topic of the filmic adaptations of Janet Frame's literary works.

There's also a documentary about Janet Frame's friend and one-time mentor the New Zealand writer Frank Sargeson who provided shelter for her while she wrote her first novel.

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