Tuesday, June 21, 2016

From Switzerland with love

The Otago Daily Times recently reported on an impressive educational field trip from Switzerland to Oamaru:

"Celebrated New Zealand author Janet Frame's reach extends far beyond the shores of her home country, as a group of students from a Swiss university visiting her former Oamaru home has proved.
On Saturday, six students and two lecturers from Franklin University Switzerland, a private, independent, liberal arts college, were in Oamaru, where they visited Janet Frame House in Eden St and several other prominent Oamaru landmarks..."

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Janet Frame House, Oamaru
"an interesting paratext"
Student Hella Wiedmer-Newman said she first became interested in Frame's writings when she saw the Jane Campion-directed film An Angel at My Table, a dramatisation of Frame's autobiographies.
"I love her writing. I was thrilled we were reading her for the class. You can totally imagine her using this landscape, with the location of her house being so close."
She said it was an amazing experience to be able to learn more about the author in her former home, and described it as an "interesting paratext''.


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