Monday, November 4, 2013

100% Pure NZ Heroine

In the New Zealand literary world lately, we can scarcely talk about anything else: the magnificent achievement of Eleanor Catton in winning the Man Booker prize for her genre-extending novel The Luminaries.  And many of us are also admiring of some of the things Catton has said in interviews, in calling out aspects of sexism and bullying that she has observed.

To add to our Kiwi pride there's another shining star at the moment, connected to the NZ literary world through her mother, who is a respected New Zealand poet, and that's the genre-crossing pop prodigy Lorde, currently reigning at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 with her catchy and intelligent song Royals (from the album Pure Heroine).

And - does this sound familiar? - many of us are also admiring of some of the things Lorde has said in interviews, calling out aspects of sexism that she has encountered in her 'industry'.

Congratulations and well done to both these brilliant, outspoken and admirable women. Long may they keep being role models both in their creative endeavours and in their refusing to be silenced.

From the point of view of Janet Frame's estate, we're pleased as punch that both Lorde and Catton have name checked that other local tall poppy, Janet Frame, in their various interviews.

Janet Frame also endured sexism and bullying, and although she triumphed over the attempt to completely silence her during her lifetime, some of her works are only now being published after her death:


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