Saturday, May 11, 2013

You have new mail

Snail mail! Packages! Here's a pic of the latest swag of gorgeous 'author' copies of recent Janet Frame releases and reprints, from South Korea, Sweden, Germany, Australia, the UK and America.
It's been a thrill to see the four Swedish volumes published last year by Modernista (an earlier package seems to have got lost in the mail). The four hardback books are beautifully designed and presented with attractive jackets.
Scented Gardens For the Blind
Faces in the Water
Owls Do Cry
The Edge of the Alphabet
Swedish Reviews
See Litteratur Magazinet for an essay (in Swedish) by Sebastian Lönnlöv on Janet Frame's "fascinating oeuvre" (18 February 2013).
See Aftonbladet for a review (in Swedish) by Pia Bergström (December 2012).

For some other Swedish reviews of the Modernista collection of Janet Frame classic novels, see my earlier blog post.

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