Thursday, May 16, 2013

Framesque WTF-ness (BookieMonster)

There's a fantastic new review of Janet Frame's  In the Memorial Room on New Zealand's popular BookieMonster blog, in which a new piece of critical terminology is posited: Framesque WTF-ness.

"No, seriously, WTF?" is the response in this case to Janet Frame's protagonist Harry Gill's reference to the feminist revolution as "the age of the raging clitoris".

More snippets from this delightfully fresh, enthusiastic, and perceptive review:

"The book is imbued with a sense of hilarity, and the humour is laugh-out-loud material."

"The writing is exactly what we expect from Frame – gorgeous, delirious and shining with delight. Her amazing ability to pile on sound and word texture is just as evident in this book."

Bookie Monster, clearly a Frame fan, also recommends this new posthumous novel as "a wonderful introduction" to Frame's work for those who haven't read her before.

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