Saturday, May 4, 2013

A posthumous conversation with the reader (The Australian)

There's a major review of Janet Frame's new novel today in The Australian newspaper (4th May 2013):

"IN the Memorial Room is not just a brilliant novel but a considered and poignant posthumous literary act, a curtain call by one of the world's greatest authors, New Zealander Janet Frame, who died in 2004." Read more

" a deeply funny book, containing elements of satire: of the literary world, of society and rituals, including much about ageing and the myth of a life as a journey"

"Frame's character descriptions are wonderfully perceptive"

"Frame's books and stories always have moments of lightness, a fact people sometimes forget due to her life being overshadowed by tragedy and, ironically, misunderstanding."

 The reviewer (writer and critic Angela Meyer of the Literary Minded blog) concludes:

"All Frame's books are hearty, hardy trees. They should be visited often. It's a delight to have this one revealed, standing strong and tall, palpably alive, alongside the others."

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