Friday, February 22, 2013

Taught at School

Janet Frame is one of those 'classic' authors who are Taught At School.
Examples of Frame's work frequently appear in text books and study guides all around the world. For instance, her estate has recently approved excerpts from Janet Frame's work to appear in educational texts from places as far flung as Singapore, Germany, India, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, the UK, Australia, France, Malaysia, the Netherlands and of course New Zealand. Janet Frame's writing also regularly appears in school examination papers around the world.
One of the most recent school books containing work by Janet Frame is the pictured Year 10 NZ English study guide. The book reproduces one of Frame's poems in full and takes readers through a fascinating reading exercise with the aim to enhance a pupil's ability to read and respond to such a text.

Year 10 English ESA Study Guide (New edition, 2012)
Authors: Fiona Brownlie, Tracey Lean, Emma Lumb and Pam Ryan
Publisher: ESA Publications, New Zealand
Format: Paperback
Price: $28.95
ISBN Number: 9781877401381
This Study Guide provides a comprehensive coverage of the full year's requirements for Year 10 Students. This ESA Study Guide provides students with the opportunity to improve their language, grammar, punctuation, reading, writing, oral and visual skills with a wide range of stimulating information with notes, examples, illustrations, photos, diagrams, questions and answers.

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