Friday, June 1, 2012

Janet Frame shortlisted for Book Design Awards

How delightful to see that the exquisitely designed Janet Frame In Her Own Words (Penguin NZ 2011) has been shortlisted for two categories in the Publishers Association of New Zealand Book Design Awards.

Janet Frame In Her Own Words is one of the three finalists for the Award for Best Cover, and also one of three finalists for the Award for Best Non-Illustrated Book.

It is not surprising that the talented designer Anna Egan-Reid who designed both the cover and the book text, is also one of three finalists for Young Designer of the Year Award.

Her work on this book was truly exceptional, the high quality paper and binding and covers reaching a standard of excellence to match the text, with the look and feel of an instant classic, and she more than met the challenge of presenting a whole range of different kinds of non-fiction text (essays, memoirs, interviews, letters, reviews, speech notes, etc) in a coherent and pleasing fashion.

Congratulations to Penguin NZ and to Anna Egan-Reid for this book industry recognition of their painstaking care to do right by one of the most significant contemporary publications in New Zealand literature.

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Wee Birdy said...

Looks like a beautiful book - I'm so pleased to see it shortlisted for a design award.

I'm planning my first ever trip to New Zealand right now so I'll bring this book to accompany me on my journey.