Thursday, September 17, 2015

Janet Frame has the last laugh


Pamela Gordon and Janet Frame, Seacliff Village (1997)
At Denis Harold's place overlooking
Warrington Beach and Blueskin Bay
Photo (C) Denis Harold

This is my favourite photo of us. I call it 'Fishwives'.
It always reminds me of Anton Vogt's description of Janet and Jacquie Baxter as being "like a couple of peasant women" when he encountered them travelling through France together. Giggling and joking.
Everyone was always laughing when Janet was around. She was such fun.
And I love the way she keeps coming up with delightful surprises even now that she's dead.


JoulseyKoala said...

Wow Ms Pamela, l was once your student in Sociolinguistics @ Otago circa 1997 . You are an inspiration, as much as your aunt is/was/is.

Thank you for your kindness and enthusiasm , which l carry till today!

Pamela Gordon said...

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words :-) I'm delighted that you have made contact! I remember your class, I learnt so much that year and I often think of your group fondly. I did love teaching especially when the students were themselves active participants in the educational process!
Warm regards, Pamela

JoulseyKoala said...

Yayyyy you remember usssss.... may Allah bless you always Ms Gordon... hope one day l could see you again...

Pamela Gordon said...

Thanks!! :-) I would love to catch up again too. Very best wishes, from Pamela