Thursday, September 17, 2015

Another translation of Janet Frame's poetry

Hot on the heels of the first ever volume of Janet Frame's poetry to be published in translation (the Swedish Hungrig Bland Orden was published in July), comes the second ever collection, this time in Spanish translation, to be published next month in Mexico. Here is a projected cover of Huesos de jilguero by Janet Frame. More details soon!

A selection of three poems by Janet Frame was published last year in Italian translation in the online journal Atelier.

Other selections of Janet Frame's poems have been published in many other languages, for example in French, German, Slovakian, Russian, Japanese (etc) anthologies or journals, and I have seen many bloggers around the world too, trying their hand at translations, but what is exciting about 2015 is that for the first time Frame has her own printed foreign collections, and from some rave responses so far to the Swedish volume it seems that she translates well.


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