Friday, June 14, 2013

World Blood Donor Day

Janet Frame receiving a blood transfusion at an outpatient clinic, Dunedin Hospital, 2003.

Friday June 14th is World Blood Donor Day - please give blood to save a precious life or to enhance the quality of someone's life or to prolong their life.

Photograph:  After she was diagnosed with terminal leukaemia in August 2003, regular blood transfusions helped to extend Janet Frame's life by several months, and to also give her a better quality of life until very near the end. The regular transfusions meant an all-day visit to the hospital. On the occasion pictured above, she had been reading Long Journey to the Border: A Life of John Mulgan by Vincent O'Sullivan, and as the photo was taken, she was checking out 'John, Alone', Karl Stead's review of the O'Sullivan book in the NZ Listener (22 November 2003).

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Anonymous said...

A curious and interested mind, so wonderful to see the intellect at work, whilst tending to the needs of the body. Thank you for sharing.