Tuesday, May 23, 2017

15 Minutes of Frame

15 Minutes of Frame is an event being held today at the Dunedin Public Library, organised by Dunedin City Council staff as part of 'Book Night', an initiative of New Zealand's Book Discussion Scheme.

15 minutes of Frame! So witty! I wish I'd thought of it. ("You will, Oscar, you will.")

'15 Minutes of Frame' is being held today, Tuesday the 23rd of May 2017, at Dunedin Public Library, at 5pm, on the ground floor. There will be a display of Janet Frame books and an invitation to the public to read a favourite piece from Janet Frame's work. There is plenty to choose from!

I heard about this event when I received a request for the use of a portrait of Janet Frame on the poster, which of course I was happy to supply for such a good cause. Unfortunately I can't attend this event but the concept of Book Night means that one can participate in any of the dozens of registered Book Night events around the country from home as well, by taking a selfie of oneself reading and sending it in to the Book Discussion Scheme's Book Night website:
Dunedin Public Library


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