Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Janet Frame reading five poems

Please visit the UK Poetry Archive to hear Janet Frame reading five of her poems:

'Flowering Cherry' from The Pocket Mirror (recorded in 1974 when Janet Frame was 50 years old)

Then you can listen to several more poems that Janet Frame recorded not long before her death at nearly 80 years of age:

'The Icicles' (from The Goose Bath)

'The Old Bull' (from The Goose Bath)

'Daniel' (from The Goose Bath)

'Scarlet Tanager, Saratoga Springs' (From Living in the Maniototo)

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Smidgen Flufflet said...

I'm a huge admirer of Janet Frame's prose, but I'd never really been as convinced by her poetry...until I heard this recording, which is absolutely mesmerising. Thanks so much for the link.