Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old familiar haunts

Baltimore USA. A home away from home for Janet Frame who often visited her friend John Money at his home near Johns Hopkins University where he worked. She sometimes stayed for lengthy periods and made many friends in the neighbourhood and the city. Jim Wilson of Phantom Billstickers recently postered Baltimore with a range of poetry posters including Janet Frame's 'The End'. Jim's timing was a little spooky as he chose to walk the streets of Baltimore on the late John Money's birthday, July the 8th.

One of the things Janet celebrated about Baltimore was that it had been the home of Edgar Allan Poe, an author she very much enjoyed reading. She loved to read ghost and horror stories, and she had admired his poetry since her childhood.

Janet Frame's selected poetry is available in the UK and USA in the Bloodaxe Books edition Storms Will Tell and in the Random House NZ paperback second edition of The Goose Bath, and in Australia from Wilkins Farago.

Photos: Jim Wilson

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