Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What do I do?

Job description of a literary executor includes the renegotiation of international rights for work already published, reverting rights where appropriate and finding new publishers, rereleasing updated editions (involving comparing old editions with each other and the original manuscripts and attempting to present a text more accurate to the intentions of the author). Consulting on and approving covers. Supplying photographs. Approving new translations and relicensing earlier ones. Fielding permissions for quotation for anthologies and educational texts and other books. Corresponding with academics working on a wide range of topics who eventually publish their research. Assessing and editing and publishing previously unpublished work by the author. Advising on biographical details (a losing battle alas but many authors and editors still prefer fact to mythmaking so this is a busy part of my job).

All resulting in a lot of BOOKS. (See above for many, not all, of the resulting volumes.)

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