Friday, January 30, 2009

In other words: hacia otro verano

In the mail bag today - the first translation of Towards Another Summer to be released! Always exciting to see a foreign edition.

The publicity for Seix Barral's Spanish edition makes full use of the rave reviews from all around the world, for the posthumously published novel.

Thanks to Google I managed to locate a review of the Spanish edition on literary blog Literat├║rate ("blog sobre libros y literatura").

The Spanish translation for Hacia otro verano was done by Aleix Montoto.

Spanish publisher Seix Barral has also reissued the three-volume autobiography, which was first published in Spain in 1991.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Norwegian and French translations of Towards Another Summer before too long. And I expect to hear of deals in more languages as well, before the international interest in this exquisitely written novel that was hidden for so long, is satisfied.

Yesterday the contract arrived formalising the agreement for the upcoming US edition. That's kind of a foreign language from a Kiwi perspective. Janet Frame's books were 'translated' into American in the past. Mind you, since then US spelling has spread around the rest of the world quite quickly thanks to computer spell-check programmes (a word which the computer itself insists on correcting to programs).


Anonymous said...

Hi Pamela
Would you contact me at I am seeking permission to print 'The Icicles' in the winter edition of the 'Poems in the Waiting Room' poetry card.
Kind regards

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi Ruth,
just the poem I would have chosen for the PitWR project!
Good to make contact.