Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fifth Anniversary

Lunching with friends at Eureka Café Dunedin, 2003

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Janet Frame's death in Dunedin on the 29th January 2004.

Janet Frame was fond of a good meal in the company of friends and family, and so to commemorate her anniversary, the Janet Frame Literary Trust hosted a lunch at one of Janet's favourite cafés, Eureka.

The gathering was happy and chatty, not formal at all, although we did pause a couple of times to remember, and to take stock.

The first advance copy of Prizes, the beautiful new selected published stories (to be released by Random House NZ on the 20th February) had just arrived and was there for us to admire. Its release will complete the bringing back into print in New Zealand, of all Janet Frame's previously published work. For this achievement, and for much else, the mood of the party was one of celebration and of gratitude for the privilege of being associated with Janet Frame's legacy.

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