Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Beautiful additions to Frame's extraordinary oeuvre" ~ The Australian

Skeletons of the fabulous
Felicity Plunkett of The Australian newspaper has reviewed two new Janet Frame titles that were recently published in Australia: The Mijo Tree (Penguin 2013) and Between My Father and the King (Wilkins Farago 2013).
It's a superbly intelligent and perceptive review, well worth reading (the reviewer is herself a poet).
 "Like the mijo seed, Frame sought an exceptional creative life. She tore the dark fruit of her early days apart and found in them seed for work that continues to appear, blossoming in this, her posthumous phase."
"Many of Janet Frame's stories are boned with the skeleton of the fabulous. With their 'once upon a time', their anthropomorphism and their small, clear fairytale phrasing, only gradually do they reveal their powerful musculature and darker currents."
"These two works are beautiful additions to Frame's extraordinary oeuvre."

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