Thursday, October 18, 2012

"Well behaved women rarely make history"

Revised edition, 2012
Publisher's Blurb:
The definitive New Zealand’s Top 100 History-Makers, which profiles the people who have shaped New Zealand, is staggering in its scope.

This updated edition of the acclaimed 2005 book contains profiles of the leading 100 people who have shaped New Zealand. Those profiled range from politicians and inventers to musicians and sports stars.

New Zealand’s icons are all there. But so, too, are a huge variety of other influential figures – bungy-jumping inventor A J Hackett, John Clarke of Fred Dagg fame, Maori leader Whina Cooper, activist John Minto, film-maker Peter Jackson, musician Dave Dobbyn.

The early years of New Zealand’s history are well covered, through the stories of such people as Hone Heke, Samuel Marsden, Te Rauparaha and George Grey. But more recent achievers like Neil and Tim Finn, Fred Hollows, Marie Clay and Russell Crowe are included as well.

New Zealand’s Top 100 History-Makers is brilliantly illustrated and outstandingly researched. It will be fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in the people who have made New Zealand the country it is, as well as an essential learning resource.

Joseph Romanos has been a journalist and an author since 1975, focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on sports-writing.

He has written more than 40 books, many of an historical nature. He was a feature writer and columnist for the New Zealand Listener magazine 1989-2006 and contributes columns to several New Zealand daily newspapers. These days he is editor of The Wellingtonian and the Dominion-Post Metro team’s chief reporter.

He was one of the panellists and researchers for the popular television series New Zealand’s Top 100 History-Makers.

Janet Frame, New Zealand icon and one of the Top 100 History-Makers

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