Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hot off the press in Germany

An updated German translation of Janet Frame's first novel Owls Do Cry has been released this month in Germany by publisher CH Beck.

Wenn Eulen Schrein ISBN 978-3-406-63001-9

This new edition is at least the sixth German edition of Wenn Eulen Schrein which was first published in 1961 by Nannen (it was actually the first title of Janet Frame's to be translated!).

Over the years Frame's publishing history became very complex, especially concerning the foreign editions because of distance and language difficulties, and because they involved agents and sub agents and even sub-sub agents so it seems to be impossible to get an overview of all the editions and sublicences of the 9 titles by Janet Frame that have so far been published in German translation: The Lagoon, Owls Do Cry, The Edge of the Alphabet, Faces in the Water, Living in the Maniototo, Towards Another Summer, and the three volumes of autobiography.
Past publishers are: Nannen, Piper Verlag, and Suhrkamp.


C.H. Beck
Fiction Title TBA                         Forthcoming (2013)
Autobiography Omnibus             Ein Engel an Meiner Tafel (Oct 2012)
Owls Do Cry                                Wenn Eulen Schrein (Feb 2012)
Towards Another Summer           Dem neuen sommer entgegen (pb 2011)
Towards Another Summer           Dem neuen sommer entgegen (hb 2010)

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