Friday, September 30, 2011

Fixing the links

Lots of work sat on the backburner while the non-fiction book was being researched, edited, proofread and sent off to the printer. My to-do list usually takes up at least 10 pages of a Spiral notebook, but the notebook has been full for quite some time.

Not long before she died, Janet said to me "You're going to be very busy. I'm sorry about that."

I had no idea, at the time, how right she was.

One non-urgent chore that has been neglected for a while was fixing the broken links on the Links page of the Janet Frame Literary Trust web site. It's had a pretty good tidy-up tonight with some new material added, and in the process I added more items to the to-do list for another day.


BRENTON said...

Thanks Pamela! You are a legend, just like your Aunty! xxx

Pamela Gordon said...

Brenton you are too kind!

But thank you, because your supportive words make a nice antidote to the bad taste of some of the other comments I receive!

Pamela :)