Thursday, August 5, 2010

Towards another cover

So far, nine different cover images (pictured above) have been published for the various international editions of Janet Frame's posthumously published novel Towards Another Summer.

Towards Another Summer was one of several manuscripts that Janet Frame held back for posthumous publication because she felt that people known to her might be embarrassed to recognise themselves as the inspiration for some of the fictional characters or events.

Editions published so far are:

Counterpoint USA: hardback and paperback; ebook
Virago UK/Commonwealth: hardback and paperback
Random House NZ: hardback and paperback
Vintage Australia: paperback
Bolinda worldwide: audiobook, mp3

Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Brazilian, Dutch.

Coming soon are the German, French, Turkish, and Italian translations.

Other texts Frame is known to have suppressed include Uncle Pylades and a novel set in the South of France which we have given a working title of The Watercress Novel.

It's a tremendous privilege and responsibility to be able to read and assess these always astonishing unpublished manuscripts and make the decision whether or not, and when, to publish them. And it is very satisfying, as in the case of The Goose Bath and Towards Another Summer, and the New Yorker and Granta and A Public Space stories, to have the estate's decisions vindicated by the warm critical and public response to the newly emerging work.

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