Thursday, May 27, 2010

A musical muse

Alex Taylor, composer and musician, has been inspired by Janet Frame's poetry to create a piece called Four Landscapes (2008). The Janet Frame poems were "The Icicles', 'The Stones', 'Moss', and 'The Birch Trees' all from Janet's bestselling posthumous poetry collection The Goose Bath.

The astonishing Frame poem 'The Icicles' is a small piece that packs a powerful message about identity. It's well-turned, and turning out to be a classic; it's been a favourite for quotation requests and for musical adaptation.

And the last lines of 'Moss' always haunt me:

Only the angel birches, good with weather,
receive violence, return grace.

Heard today from my dear old friend Linda Blincko of Devonport's Depot Art Space, that a recent concert held at the arts centre featured music from Taylor's Four Landscapes. Linda said the concert was a great success.

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