Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Worth the Wait

Poems in the Waiting Room has reached Otago New Zealand.

It's an initiative from the UK, aiming to supply a short collection of poems on a card, for people in medical waiting rooms.

For more info about the project, see the website:

Ruth Arnison has been the force behind setting up the local Dunedin "franchise". She released the first 'SPRING" edition in October 2008 (there is one card issued for each of the four seasons).

Ruth's search for funding and support has attracted some publicity in the local newspaper, and she has gathered together enough support for a further two issues.

The winter issue has just been released and I'm happy to say that not only did the Janet Frame Literary Trust sponsor this issue, but we also approved the reproduction of Janet Frame's poem "The Icicles" on the card along with the other poems.

Here's a statement I found on an Irish blog dedicated to poems in the waiting Room:

Words Worth Waiting For

The waiting room is the one place that at some point, everyone has to pause. It is a room full of strangers that levels us and where we have a chance to reflect. Poetry can help humanise these impersonal places. And hopefully, some people will take away something more than a brief relief to the boredom or worry of the wait. They will take away a newly awakened appreciation of poetry.

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