Thursday, January 13, 2011

Janet's Rose

"We are not wounded by
a strange poisonous thorn
but by one
that belongs to us,
grows from us,
its point in our heart and centre."

~ Janet Frame (From 'Nails as a Rose' in The Goose Bath)

The rose in the snapshot above was grown
by artist Robin Swanney-Macpherson,
from a cutting given to her by Janet Frame
when she lived at St Clair, Dunedin.
There was a beautiful garden on the property,
and Robin helped Janet to maintain it.


hanna said...

Hi Pamela,
Would you happen to know what species of rose this is?
p.s I would love to read more about Frame's botanical interests.
Thank you!

Pamela Gordon said...

Hello Hanna. I'm sorry, I don't know the variety of rose. I asked Robin, who grew the cutting, but she didn't know either. As you can see, it's a yellow rose (and there are lots of different types). This particular rose was already growing in the garden when Janet bought the house at St Clair.

I'll gather together some thoughts on a few of Janet's favourite plants, thanks for the idea. She included many descriptions of plant life in her work of course, maybe I'll look for a few quotes!