Thursday, April 14, 2011

Critics of Sarah Abrahamson #9

Every single family member that I have spoken to, who knew Janet well - and there are a lot of them - she had dozens of cousins - is appalled by the presumption of Sarah Abrahamson's "diagnosis".

A typical response is from Janet's first cousin Frances, who lives in Dunedin and has known Janet all her life.

"How could she have written Owls Do Cry with its astute observations of social interaction, if there had been anything wrong with her?"

I only know of one member of the wider family who agrees with Abrahamson but by her own admission she did not know Janet Frame well, so her opinion is not that of an insider.

If there are other "family members" such as the distant relation named in the North & South article, their opinion hardly rates as 'evidence' if they did not know Frame personally. They are as subject to the myths as any person on the street.

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