Thursday, April 14, 2011

Critics of Sarah Abrahamson #8

Dr Bill Tramposch
(Fulbright in Museum Education)
Former Chief Executive, NZ Historic Places Trust

'Diagnosis by Mail: a response to the viewpoint article on Janet Frame'

NZ Medical Journal

26 October 2007

Bill Tramposch, who was a friend of Janet Frame's, tried sarcasm as his protest at Sarah Abrahamson's article:

'My wife and I knew Janet during the time we were restoring her childhood home in Oamaru. We live in Nantucket, Massachusetts now, however, and I wonder if Dr Abrahamson would do us the same favour of diagnosing us through the mails. If so, I would be happy to send her a list of symptoms that characterise our behaviours (and a picture of us, if it will help.)

As with Janet Frame, I would assume that she would not need to be any more acquainted with us, unless of course she wanted us to write some stories.'

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