Thursday, April 14, 2011

Critics of Sarah Abrahamson #6

Anonymous Psychiatrist

Personal Communication
20 January 2011

'As regards the 'autistic' affair my advice that it was a poor quality paper best ignored I'm sure was right'

(I first contacted this psychiatrist - who had in the past written scholarly articles on Janet Frame -  in late 2007 with the hopes that he would speak publicly to support me.

I wanted a right of reply to a Christchurch Press article which I believed had libelled me, but the newspaper refused to give me a hearing unless I could find a medical professional to back me up on my criticism of Sarah Abrahamson's article.

I also had hopes that some reputable NZ medical professional would write to the NZMJ in defence of Janet Frame's hard won freedom from misdiagnosis. (Fat chance, as it turned out.)

The psychiatrist read the Abrahamson article but considered it too poor to warrant his comment. He also let me know in no uncertain terms that the NZ Medical Journal was not taken seriously "in the field" anyway.

He also cautioned me that whoever criticised the autism diagnosis would be vigorously attacked and an attempt made to destroy their reputation in order to neutralise their opposition (I guess he had noted this sort of academic phenomenon in the past), and that was another reason he was not willing to put himself on the line.)

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